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Smart Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm Smart Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm
Smart Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm
Smart Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm

Smart Wi-Fi Smoke Alarm

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Protect your possessions, family and home and prevent fire from spreading using the Smartwares FSM-12601 Smoke Alarm Wi-Fi. By installing this smoke alarm, you will always be warned in time when a fire breaks out. The alarm is supported by the Smartwares Connected at Home app, which directly notifies you in case of an emergency, even when you are not at home. This lets you inform the right authorities in time. Installing the smoke alarm and compatible app is easy and straightforward for anyone who wants to take the next step in fire safety precautions.

Simple and smart smoke alarm
Save yourself the effort of installing gateways or additional home automation devices! All you need is the FSM-12601 Smoke Alarm Wi-Fi and your smartphone to get started. Just install the Connected at Home app, connect to your smoke alarm and you can leave the house without ever having to worry about fire emergencies. You will receive push notification on your phone and always be in time to respond. It is advisable to place a smoke alarm and CO alarm on every floor.

Low-maintenance device
To keep your smoke alarm in an optimal state, you should regularly clean the alarm to prevent false alarms from occurring. In addition, the 1-year battery should be replaced in time, which is made easier thanks to the app which keeps track of the battery lifetime. You can also receive notifications by email on when to maintain your smoke alarm by registering to the Smartwares Smart Reminder program. Using all these services lets you enjoy your Smoke Alarm Wi-Fi longer and more reliably.

One app for all smart items
The app that supports the FSM-12601 Smoke Alarm Wi-Fi is compatible with all Smartwares smart products. Our goal is to make life easier for you by providing smart solutions for everyday problems. By downloading and installing the app, youíre set to go for any future appliances we can offer so you can keep control of your smarthome appliances in one place on your smartphone. No gateways are required and no limits are set to the amount of connectable devices.

Safety always comes first
With safety standards improving each year, it becomes ever more important to meet the set requirements for fire safety. By installing the Smoke Alarm Wi-Fi in all required places, you donít have to worry any more about the risks of a fire breaking out. Our devices comply to all European standards and legislations and can therefore protect your home and make you feel more safe.

Whatís in the box:
 1 x Smoke Alarm Wi-Fi, screws and plugs, instruction manual

Reasons to use the FSM-12601 Smoke Alarm Wi-Fi:

Always know if an event like a starting fire occurs in your home and feel safe
The Smoke Alarm Wi-Fi warns you with a sound signal and a notification on your smartphone
Protect your family and possessions even when you are on holiday or not at home
Replaceable 1-year battery with its power tracked by the Connected at Home app
App compatible with any number of smoke alarms

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